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OBJECTIVES: To serve as a vehicle for mobilizing financial resources and implementing medical and surgical care for indigent children (0-18 yrs.) suffering from heart disease (HD); To build, establish, manage and maintain a hospital for indigent children with heart diseases suffering from HD whereby medical and surgical services shall be rendered by duly qualified/accredited/affiliated physicians; To provide high quality and holistic care to indigent children with heart disease requiring palliative or corrective heart surgery; To provide indigent children the proper medical care irrespective of sex, religion and political affiliation and subsequently recommending their admission to Philippine Heart Center and/or other local or foreign participating hospitals which renders heart surgery; To coordinate or affiliate with other association, foundation or institutions to carry out the humanitarian service of improving the chances of survival of indigent children heart patients with heart disease; To tap all possible resources, human and material, national and international, public and private to pursue the programs of the Foundation of rendering support to children suffering from heart disease; To assist interested licensed medical practitioners in enhancing their expertise in children’s heart ailments by sponsoring further local or foreign medical studies; To promote encourage, sponsor and/or initiate scientific research and development projects in order to foster and encourage the study and improvement of fundamental work in the field of Medicine, particularly cardiology; To help acquire properties, real or personal, receive contributions and donations of all kinds from donors and to invest the same in such activities as the Foundation may deem appropriate to carry out all the foregoing purposes; To raise money for any of the purposes of the Foundation and to borrow money, make, accept, execute and issue promissory notes and other negotiable or non-thereof, and of the interest thereon, by mortgage on or pledge, or assignment in trust of, or part of the assets of the Foundation; To conduct, sponsor and publish the results of its scientific and/or technical research; to build, improve, or to cause the building improvement, or equipping of buildings, hospitals and/or laboratories, required for scientific research; to establish, maintain or endow institutions doing research of all kinds in the field of medicine, particularly cardiology.
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Registration No. NCR-2004-R-220 Manila City Philippines Registration No. NCR-2004-R-220 Manila City Philippines