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APPLICATION FOR MEDICAL ASSISTANCE - PROCEDURES Patient (Applicant for Medical Assistance) Acquire Medical Endorsement 1. Acquire Medical Certificate from Philippine Heart Center (PHC) 2. Acquire Medical Endorsement Acquire Financial Endorsement 1. Undergo Financial Review from the Department of Social Welfare and Development - Heart Center 2. Acquire Financial Endorsement CHFI Application of Medical Assistance 1. Accomphish CHFI Patient Data Sheet (PDS) from CHFI Secretariat 2. Along with the PHC and DSWD written endorsements, submit Patient Data Sheet to secretariat for evaluation and validation 3. If approved, extent of financial assistance from CHFI will be determined 4. CHFI will issue Letter of Guarantee addressed to the Director of PHC Admission of Patient to Philippine Heart Center 1. Patients with approved CHFI Financial Assistance shall be admitted upon availability of hospital accommodation Application of Medical Treatment Evaluation of Outcome of Medical Treatment (if needs for further Medical Treatment or Successfully Completed Medical Treatment if Further Medical Treatment, Application of Medical Treatment will apply again if Successfully Completed Medical Treatment Release of Patient 1. Issuance of Release-clearance of Patient (PHC) 2. Submit a copy of PHC Medical Treatment Record to CHFI Secretariat 3. Complete CHFI Patient Data Sheet (PDS) Payment of Medical Bills 1. Preparation of Medical Expenses Summary (PHC) 2. Application of CHFI Medical Assistance 3. Payment of CHFI share
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